Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mystery Revealed

And the winner for best participation goes to......Margo! She posted THREE guesses on David's big purchase. Thanks for playing along!

So here's what all the excitement's been about in our household the past week. Our TV died. At first we thought Tate had done something to it....again. The brightly lit buttons lure him in to pressing them many times a day and it takes us forever to figure out what, exactly, he did, and how, exactly, to fix it.

However, this time, it wasn't the poor lad's fault. (Looking back I feel a little guilty about sending him to bed with no supper. We'll chalk it up to character building.) It was just the TVs time to go. David proclaimed that very night we were going to look for a replacement. I'm thinking--head to W*l-Mart, get a comparable contraption, head home. David was thinking--head to the colossal furniture mart 20 miles away and spring for, oh yes, the BIG one!

In fact, he used part of his lunch break at work to bee bop around pricing the darn things. So off we went on our TV buying adventure....with kids in tow. Which, in and of itself, was enough to make me want to put my head right through one of those TVs!

I do not like bartering, or bargaining, or whatever it is people do to get a better deal. This is America. The price on the sticker should be a fair one for us to pay. Plus I'm just too shy to do it. David pulled a slick one, on accident, however, and we ended up getting it for a good deal.

So there you have it. David is now the proud owner of a Big Screen TV. Correction: A 50 inch plasma Hi Def TV. We got in the car and he said, "Well, I've got my big screen TV, my leather recliner...oh, and a wife (which he only added after he caught me glaring at him) and 3 beautiful children. I can die a happy man."

To which I retorted, "Don't you dare leave me all alone with this TV I don't know how to work...."

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Margo said...

Congratulations David! :-) I was getting warm!

Some TV! Wow!

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