Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Big O-N-E!


It's been exactly a year since David and I were surprised with 3 little words..."It's A Boy!". Tate was the only baby we didn't find out the gender for beforehand. It was neat being surprised. I did that for a couple of reasons. #1-I had never been surprised before, so I wanted to see what that was like. #2-Since we already had 2 girls, it would slightly annoy me that people assumed the reason we were having a 3rd child, was so we could have a boy. Like the only perfect families are those that consist of children of each gender. That didn't even make sense. Odds are actually in your favor to continue having the same gender once you have more than one in a row. We got comments like, "Trying for that boy, eh?". "Finally gonna get that boy?". "Third time's a charm". So, it was easier just saying, "We don't know what we're having", than to say, "Oh, another little girl" and listen to people's comments or "A boy" and listen to their accolades that we were finally getting our heir.

Now I realize these were all innocent little comments people make but after awhile, they really got under my skin. And, no, me being uncomfortable and hormonal didn't have anything to do with it....

Anyway, he was due May 12th and my doctor assured me that he would most likely make his appearance before then, since this was my third baby. Each time I waddled in for my checkup, she would scratch her head and say, "Hmmmm, I really thought you'd be farther along by now. Nothing is happening." I'm not one to jeopardize the well-being of my child by drinking castor oil or something like that just to get them out a few days early. But I wasn't opposed to walking, walking, walking around our neighborhood and eating an occasional Mexican cuisine.

A few times I went in for my checkups, I had the girls with me. Then 3 and 18 months. Did you get that part? 3 and 18 months!!! A quiet doctor's waiting room is not something they can comprehend. So, there I was, 13 months pregnant, trying to keep them under semi-control so they didn't run wild or swing from the curtains. After the forklift hoisted me up on the exam table, the nurse would look at those magic little numbers with a perplexed look on her face and say, "Hmmmm, your blood pressure is a little high." WHAT? However could that be? I've just been lounging in the waiting room with my feet propped up being fed grapes and getting fanned....

So I would have to lay on my left side. Facing the wall. Not being able to see my children who were systematically tearing apart every magazine in the office. Again, the perplexed tone, "Still a tad high..." when it was checked a few minutes later.

Back to Tate's big day. He was a no show, so my doctor admitted me the night before my due date to try and get things going. She didn't want another surprise 9 1/2 pound baby coming out, like Drue had been. I spent all night there with a medicine that was supposed to help speed up the process. The next morning I was dilated to a whopping 1! So, at 7:30am they started the pitocin, I had a few tolerable contractions, got the epidural around 8:30 and sailed on through the rest of the morning. Around noon my doctor came to round and was just about to head back to the office when I felt a weird pressure sensation and as she checked me one last time, her eyes got big, she had them throw her gown on and she said, "On second thought, I think I'll stay right here....".

About 3 pushes later, out he came. The cord was wrapped around his neck. Twice. So I shot forward to make sure all was ok and out came the rest of him. So, I was actually able to see for myself, along with everybody else, that he was a B-O-Y! The cord was also wrapped around one of his shoulders and was tied in a big ol' knot. Goodness, son, what in the world had you been doing in there?

His first year of life has gone by way more quickly than the girls' did. I can't believe it. He is a joy. He loves his momma. (And now his dada, cause he's old enough to wrestle). I am excited to have a little boy. But I'm also just glad that he's a healthy little wonder with a smile to melt my heart.....

Happy 1st Birthday Tate!!
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Ahhhh...happy birthday little man!

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