Thursday, May 31, 2007

Musical Beds: Round II

I posted awhile back about how sometimes during the night we all end up in different beds at some point. Last night was such a night. (Warning: Proceed with caution. I guarantee your head will be spinning if you read any further. You may as well just skip the post and scroll down to see the picture....)

Tate: Good ol' Tate. Plop him in his crib around 7ish, don't hear a peep til after 7 the next morning. And if I'm still too zonked to get him, he doesn't mind talking to himself for another hour or so.

Drue: Started in her bed, moved to our bed, and that's where she stayed.

Reese: Started in her bed, moved to Drue's bed with her, moved back to her bed when we moved Drue to our bed, back to Drue's bed with me, then ended up in our bed.

Me: Started in our bed with Drue. Moved to Drue's bed because I felt sorry for Reese in their room all alone, moved to Reese's bed after Reese fell asleep with me in Drue's bed and there was no room because it is a twin bed.

David: Started in our bed, stayed in our bed. Like father, like son.

Anyway, it was all worth it for this shot David took this morning of the sleepy sisters....

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Margo said...

They are so sweet. I want a little girl. :-(

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