Monday, March 31, 2008

Takin' a break from a rough game with her ol' mom.

This would work better if Tate didn't try to keep using his Fred Flintstone feet to drive.

Next year I should be just tall enough to scale this thing and play Superman.

Excuse my larger than life derriere in this picture. I believe an explanation is in order...

The kids like to climb through these wooden slats. Today Drue and Tate were climbing through them and Reese said, "I think I'm too big to climb through those now." To which her unthinking mother replied..."No you're not. I could probably even climb through there." Reese shimmied through them and my curiosity/stupidity got the better of me. "Here, hold the camera," I instructed her. Of course, I meant for her just to keep it safe while I attempted my stunt, lest it be tossed to the ground below by her brother. The next thing I know, she's snapping pictures left and right squealing with laughter. I got halfway through and got my belt buckle thank you very much. Needless to say, a slight moment of sheer panic did course through my veins as I pictured having to fish out my cell phone for Reese to call her dad and explain my plight. That was, if I could get her to stop laughing long enough. Obviously I made it through and lived to blog about it.
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