Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear Starbucks Employees:

You all must be psychic or something. Thank you so much for messing up my drink this morning and accidentally putting in an extra shot of espresso. You must have known I would need the extra caffeine boost and energy.

Trying to keep the dogs from opening our trash can, that silly man I married put the laundry detergent bottle on top of the lid. So when my 3 year old went to throw her gum away, somehow the entire bottle got dumped all over the floor.


This was quite possibly the worst mess I have had to clean up in all my mothering days. A sea of blue sticky liquid. I used almost an entire roll of paper towels. I was scared to use a regular towel because there was so much soap on the floor that I envisioned the washing machine bubbling over when I put the towel in the wash.

On a positive note, that floor has never been so clean. The glare from the shine was incredible afterwards! And the entire downstairs smells cottony fresh.

So, bless you, Starbucks, again for helping me get through this catastrophic fiasco. You can screw up my drink anytime...


A Grateful Mother

p.s. Could you please spit in my husband's drink the next time he comes by? When I called to sweetly inform him of the results of his actions, he said, "Wow...I hope you were able to salvage some of the liquid and pour it back into the bottle so it wasn't wasted...."
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