Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Now, don't be scared off by the title and think I am going to climb up on my soap box and talk politics...because with my luck, we are out of soap anyway due to the enormous amounts of laundry I wash in a week.

David works late tonight so he wasn't home to watch the election results with me. I switched the TV to the results around 7pm "just for a second" to see what the reports were so far. I thought the kids were going to freak out when they saw boring men dressed in suits rambling on about 2 guys they aren't too familiar with.

But to my surprise...they were actually INTERESTED! At ages 6, 4, & 2 they were INTERESTED in the Presidential Election! Grandpa John will be so proud. I thought that was really neat. Granted, Tate's only addition to the conversation was, "What Grandma dat?" when they flashed up Elizabeth Dole's picture...

I only started talking with Reese the other day about the President, because we voted at her school and she heard her teacher talking about it. So I reminded her who we voted for and she was cheering him on during the election coverage. She even wanted to make a sign for him to wave around.

Each time they announced who won in what state Drue would repeat the name they said and would ask, "Did they win?" to which I had to keep reminding her that they just won that state, we didn't know the overall winner yet.

Reese announced that she didn't want a new President. She said there have already been a lot of Presidents and there wouldn't be room on the wall to hang another Presidents' picture. I know these fine mens' faces don't adorn any walls in our house, so she must have been talking about a wall at school.

It was just neat sharing a little bit of history with them. (Did I actually use the word neat and history in the same sentence?). I told Reese that the man who wins tonight would be in her history book someday and she would have to memorize his name and everything. They think it is pretty cool that the winner will lead our country...but they think it's even cooler that he will get to live in the White House.

Drue and I were the only ones who made it til almost 9pm watching the coverage. Tates' fever spiked and he fell asleep in my lap. Reese fell asleep on the floor curled up under a blanket.

Reese did ask who I was going to vote for next time and I explained that was 4 years away and I didn't know who was running yet. I said, "You'll be 10 then, Drue will be 8, and Tate will be 6!". And I'm afraid that day will come all too soon for me....

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