Friday, November 14, 2008

Every Year...

It's "Operation Christmas Child" time again and every year we've participated, the kids always make me laugh with the things they say about it. We go over why some kids don't have any Christmas presents, why we are picking out fun things to send thousands of miles away, etc.

This year was no different. We ALL went to Target this time to pick out the gifts. Each of our children fills a shoebox to send. (The girls and I picked out Tate's stuff for him while he and David were off looking at manly things like tires and tools).

Reese picked up a little book to send. Which, yes, would have been perfectly fine. But I kind of steered her away explaining that we were sending to children her age and younger so #1-They might not even be reading yet and #2-If they were reading, it might not be in English.

This sparked the following conversation between Reese, Drue, and myself in the middle of Target.

Drue: I don't know anyone who doesn't speak English.

Reese: Alina doesn't.

(Alina is her little deaf friend at school)

Me: Well, Alina does speak English...she just does it with her hands by signing the words.

Reese: Oh, right. Well, everyone in the whole world speaks English...just in a different way.

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Schmierer-Knust Family said...

I love it...the story and the picture. We had similiar luck, but our solution (unfortunately) was to be in the picture.

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