Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Early Chritmas Gift

I need to be posting about our trip to Alabama for Thanksgiving but I have been busy playing on my new toy that David got me.

The kids and I rolled into town at 9:15 Saturday night from Alabama. David was closing that night so he wasn't home to greet us. The kids were still kind of wired from the ride and, since I was not stopping for ANY REASON that last 2 hours of the trip, they were all hungry, thirsty, etc. So I got them a small snack and headed down to the basement to connect with the outside world via internet. I had been without it for 5 days!

I plopped down in the desk chair and discovered that a piece of notebook paper was taped over the computer monitor that said "Stop! What are you doing? Don't you want to play a game with me?" It directed me to go to where cookies were "easy to bake" so I headed upstairs to Reese's easy bake oven. There I found a clue that led me to a "place of reflection" around the fireplace....the mirror.

That sheet said to get Reese, have her stand on a chair in the kitchen with a camera, and take my picture while I opened a box with my surprise in it.

I still had no clue as to what it was and was totally surprised to open the box and find a laptop computer! I have been wanting one. I just thought it would make things a whole lot easier. Even when I just have to google something real quick, the kids either get into trouble upstairs while I'm in the basemen,t or they all file down there after me and cause such a commotion that I can't even remember what it was I was going to look up.

So I was just THRILLED to get my very own laptop...that I will graciously share with David...sometimes. It has already come in very handy...I googled a recipe without ever having to leave the kitchen...I plugged away on it one night all cozy under the covers of my bed.

It meant even more to me that David had taken the time to come up with a little scavenger hunt complete with little clues. Sweetness.

Guess I better take back the tie I got him for Christmas...


Morgan said...

haha . . . Wow! That's awesome! I love my laptop, too! I sit in bed with it. But that isn't very unusualy for me since my room serves as a bedroom/computer room/kitchen/dining room/living room . . . haha And that scavenger hunt sounds like something you would do! But that is cute that David took the time to think of it :) Hope you guys are good & getting back in the swing of things after Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see you all at Christmas!!

Amanda said...

WOW, David! Way to go! You are such a thoughtful husband! I love the scavenger hunt too! I can't wait to read more posts. Kristen, now you can post any second of the day!

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