Saturday, November 01, 2008

Marker Madness

David brought the kids home one trillion boxes of markers from Target awhile back. Great!

One trillion boxes of markers of the non-washable variety. Not so great.

I wish he had also brought home one trillion boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to help aide my task of scrubbing down walls, furniture, etc.

Yesterday I settled all the kids in the bath and began cleansing them of any and all evidence of the days' activities. I managed to scrub the large letter "D" written in ink off Drue's forehead but was not as successful at scubbing the indelible word "NO" off her shoulder, courtesy of Reese and a black non-washable marker.

Of course, the girls found this quite funny and in between their fits of giggles, I inquired as to the events which had led up to this moment. "Reese did it," Drue informed me. To which I informed her she was just as guilty because obviously she had sat there long enough for Reese to write "NO" (and rather well mind you) on her person. Drue had no comeback for that.

Frustrated, I laid down the following decree: "I'm going to take away all your markers until you learn to use them responsibly."

Puzzled, Reese didn't miss a beat, and sincerely asked, "But how will we learn to use them responsibly if we don't have them?".

It was then my turn not to have a comeback...

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