Sunday, November 02, 2008

What's in a Name?

Drue picks the most creative names for some of her stuffed animals. For instance, she named one of her puppies "Chocolates May Thomas Trains" and one of her little kitties "Lollipop Candy".

But she is not quite as creative when it comes to naming her actual baby dolls. I'm not sure if she just gets the name she hears them called on the commercials stuck in her little curly head or what.

It all started last year for birthday or Christmas when she wanted a Baby Born doll. She got one and cuddled with it and drug it everywhere, slept with it, etc. But when I would ask her what she was going to name it, she just looked at me like I was odd and would state the obvious, "Baby Born ".

Okey dokey then.

Next came Baby Alive. She eats, wets, does almost everything a real baby does except cry every hour and a half throughout the night causing you wake up with dark circles under your eyes. She's cute, with little blond pigtails and Drue chose to name her....Baby Alive.

"Don't you want to give her her own special name like Mary or Rapunzel or something?!" I tried to persuade her.

"No. She's Baby Alive".

Last but not least her newest addition...Baby I'm Yours. Her birthday gift this past year. This doll was supposed to do stuff too, like make certain noises when you press her hand, tummy, etc. But after we got all those blasted plastic ties,invented by the Devil himself, undone and pulled her out of the box, she didn't make any noises.

Drue grabbed her like a proud Momma and hasn't let go since. She won't let us return her to the store to get one that works. At first that seemed silly to me, but the more I think about it, it's just plain sweet. She doesn't see the imperfections in this doll or care that it doesn't do all the things its' supposed to. She just sees her perfect little baby, the one she'd been wanting and hoping for. And doesn't want to trade her for anything else.

I am a bit afraid to visit her in the hospital someday to meet her firstborn, however. "Mom, I'd like you to meet your granddaughter...Baby Girl !".

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