Sunday, September 13, 2009

We'll Keep Working

Tate is old enough this year for AWANA Cubbies. That just seems so strange to me. I guess because with the girls' having Fall birthdays, they were both almost 4 when they started Cubbies. And with him being my baby, it just seems strange that he is a Cubbie now.

(I will post a picture of all of them when he gets his little vest in a few weeks.)

Drue started learning Cubbie verses right along with Reese even before Drue was old enough to go. My mom remembers Drue sitting in the bathroom one day and saying softly, "This is my Son whom I love" out of the blue!

It is just hard for me to fathom Tate's little mind being able to memorize and recite scripture. I'm not sure why. He has memorized, and can recite, his ABCs. He has memorized, and can recite, his numbers up to 20 (skipping 15 from time to time...Reese did the same thing).

Through most of the Summer we have worked on one of the Cubbie key verses, "All have sinned". He has that one down pat.

Tonight on the way home from church I opened his little pamphlet and we started going over his verse for next week. Drue is in his class also so it will help that they will both be learning the same verse each week.

Next week's verse is "God loved us and sent His Son". I recited this a few times out loud on our trip home. But Tate was kind of hyped up from his class and wasn't in a learning mode.

Reese said, "I know what will help Tate! Break the verse up into little pieces and then put the pieces back together." That is how they teach her age group to learn their verses.

So I broke it up into two parts for him.

"God loved us..."

"...and sent His Son."

Tate's version came out completely contradictory to that truth but it was still sweet to hear his little voice attempt his new Bible verse, "God loves sin!".

He was quite proud of himself.

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