Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth

Reese's two front teeth have been a teensy bit wiggly for some time now. Her top two teeth, I should clarify. She lost her bottom two earlier this year.

I get a kick out of how much these little white enamel covered structures define our child's development. When they're infants, we are so excited to see them start popping through the surface in their little gumless mouths. And we proudly show them off to anyone and everyone who will pay attention. "Reese cut her first tooth!" I remember sharing happily.

And I would keep everyone informed from then on as to how many teeth she had. "Reese has 7 teeth now!" I'd report.

And now, as she begins to lose them, it is once again a topic of discussion amongst my mommy friends and I. "Reese has lost 2 teeth and has some loose ones on the top. How much does the tooth fairy pay at your house?".

Losing these precious little things I so eagerly awaited to come in.

So this one had been wiggly for awhile. Then last week or so when she was talking to me one morning, there was a noticeable gap between her loose tooth and the one beside it. I asked her about it and she said nonchalantly, "Oh yeah, my loose tooth got looser last night when I hit it on the bedpost while Daddy was putting us to bed."

Yes, rough housing is one of David's way of "settling them down" right before bed.

Try as we might, that darned thing wouldn't come out though. It finally got more loose over the weekend. So much so, that it looked as if it were just barely hanging on. But David and I both tried with no avail to pull that sucker out. I have yet to witness Reese pulling her tooth out. The first one fell out as she was running to my room to show me how loose it was one morning.

The second one came out while I was in the shower.

And this third one finally decided to come out Sunday morning...during the church service...while we were praying! We were getting ready to walk to the front of the church during the invitation time because Reese was ready to make public her profession of faith and be baptised. So as she urgently patted my leg while our heads were bowed, I thought it had to do with that. I peeked my eyes open and there was her little tooth in her hand!

But the tooth drama doesn't end there. The tooth fairy leaves golden dollars at our house, but the only person I know of who has these lying around is...Reese! So I snuck into her money bucket and pulled one out just to have on hand.

Then she threw us a curve ball and decided not to put her tooth under her pillow that night. She wanted to keep it to show her children someday. Of course, we have her other two teeth safely hidden away but I couldn't very well tell her that. I assured her that was fine and had her place it on top of her dresser in the little plastic container she was keeping it in.

"Don't keep it too near your pillow or the Tooth Fairy might get confused and take it," I warned her. I was just afraid she may wake up in the middle of the night and change her mind and place it under there after all. In which case, I wouldn't be prepared.

The next night she was torn between keeping her tooth and finding that golden dollar. She kept saying, "I wish there was a way I could keep my tooth and get the golden dollar.".

For now, she has decided to go ahead and keep it and put the next one under her pillow. I think I will casually bring it up each night for awhile just to be on the safe side that she doesn't put it under her pillow without telling us. Who knew playing the Tooth Fairy could be so stressful?

I leave you with one more cute shot of her new smile.
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