Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Spring Break Fun

Completely missed a few posts about the rest of our Spring Break. Thursday was roller skating, Frisbee golf, and the longest game of Monopoly I have ever been involved in. Which ended with Reese and I totally getting skunked by Drue. Who happened to be playing for the first time. But she stuck to Mom's advice and bought every property she landed on and didn't make deals with other players without serious consideration.

Drue also went roller skating for the first time. Reese and Tate have both been once before. It was an exhausting 2 hours of holding up one to two children at a time between David and myself and I even ended up falling flat on my hind area at one point which I think completely embarrassed Reese. But by the end of our session they had all improved tremendously.

We flew through Frisbee golf. The weather was great. Tate and Reese both got conked in the heads by frisbees. David got hit in the back of the knee by Tate's. Tate said, "Dad, why didn't you scrunch down?". "Because if I had scrunched down, it would have hit me right smack in the head!", he explained.

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