Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4 years old!


So I blinked...and this little guy turned 4 years old today.

I've always known I was excessively sentimental (I like that phrase better than just plain "sappy").

But I feel so sad the night before one of the kids' birthdays. I remember going into Drue's room last September 27th...just to kiss her one more time while she was 4.

And I did the same thing the night before Tate's birthday. I went in to kiss my sweet 3 year old. My last 3 year old I'll ever have.


I just couldn't help thinking: Was I the best Mom I could be to this little guy while he was 3? Because I'll never ever get that age back. Did I mold and shape his little personality as much as I could that year? Was I as patient with him as I should have been? Or was I too impatient with his 3 year old tantrums and neverending curiosity? Did I snuggle him as much as I could have? Did I tell him too many times "Mommy can't play right now because I have to finish (dishes, laundry, vacuumming...)"?


The days do slip by quickly but it's just so overwhelming for me to mark another entire year gone by. I can't freeze time...he did turn 4...and I must now put all my heart into enjoying, experiencing, and Mothering him at this age.

Tate is such a joy. He is still the happiest little boy I know. And I love that the simplest things can light up his whole face and make him giggle uncontrollably. Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you more than words can ever express.
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david said...

What a sweet post about the happiest guy I know! My Best Bud! I love you Tate!!

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