Saturday, May 01, 2010


We walk by them, drive by them, see them in magazines, and on television. And probably don't even think twice. But Reesie did....

Underwear ads.

Not even suggestive lingerie. We're talking run of the mill Fruit of the Loom or any given brand of *ahem* bras and the "p" word. Nope, still don't like saying it.

We were walking through Target today and Reese said, "Oh my gosh! That lady is in her bra and panties! I don't understand how someone could let another person take their picture when they are just in their bra and panties? Mommy, why are those up there anyway?".

" advertise those specific items," I stammered.

"Then why don't they just take a picture of the underwear then? By itself? Without someone having to be wearing them? I am never doing that!".


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