Wednesday, May 05, 2010

False Alarm

There is a grassy hill outside Drue's preschool that the kids like to run around on when it's nice outside. It usually has a scattering of little ones all over it when school lets out for the day.

In the past, it's been a bit challenging to let my kids know when it's time to go. Because they can't hear me calling them above all the commotion, wind, etc. So I would either have to scream their name like a crazy person or run over and physically retrieve them from the hill itself. They would always come once I had their attention...but getting their attention wasn't always fun.

A few weeks ago Drue asked if she and Tate could run on the hill when I picked her up. So I said, "Yes, you can but you need to look over at me every so often and when I wave my arm like this (I made a motion for them to come back) you guys have to come!".

"Ok, we will," she assured me.

Off they ran. And she did look over at me every few minutes or so.

I got to talking with one of the stay at home dads of a little girl in Drue's class. He was telling me that they were in the middle of getting their master bath remodeled and went on to explain what all that entailed.

It sounded like his layout was similar to ours so I started telling him how ours was set up and I would love to take out some of our closet and put in a jacuzzi tub.

A few minutes into our conversation I happened to look down and Drue and Tate were standing in front of me waiting patiently.

"Oh, are you guys ready to go?" I asked a little bit surprised.

"Well, you waved us over here." Drue said matter-of-factly.

At first I was confused, but then it dawned on me that if I'm standing up talking to someone I tend to use my hands a lot. And I'm sure in the course of me explaining how our master bed/bath was laid out, my hand gestures looked like I was waving Drue and Tate in!

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