Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Batteries not Included

Two families we're friends with have a girl (our girls' age) and a boy (Tate's age). Which comes in handy for playdates because we just switch kids. Girls play at one house, the boys another.

When the girls return home from a playdate, they are usually full of stories of their various adventures. Tate, however, isn't as quick to offer up information. I have a sneaking suspicion this is because he doesn't always want us to know everything that happened. Such as the time we found out that he and his little friend stole a whole stack of airheads from his friends' sister and ate them in the closet.

One family goes to our church. So this past Sunday, we took their daughter home with us and they took Tate home with them. Then we switched back that evening at church.

After we returned home, we started pumping Tate with questions about his afternoon. Not just general type questions such as, "So, what did you guys do"? But fairly specific questions like, "Did you guys take any candy and eat it in the closet?".

He opened up more and more about his time there and then said excitedly, "And they have a real zhu zhu in their basement!".

Come again?

Having no idea what he was talking about and figuring I hadn't heard him correctly, I offered, "They had a zhu zhu pet in their basement?".

"Yep!", he said. "A real one!".

I still wasn't getting it. And didn't understand why he kept emphasizing the word "real". He knows zhu zhus run on batteries because we have to change ours quite often.

Then it dawned on me. He was talking about their live pet guinea pig...Jack. A real zhu zhu pet indeed!

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