Thursday, January 20, 2011


This was the kids' 3rd snow day this month. And the FIRST one where I didn't have to work. After I shoveled our God-forsaken-never-gets-any-sun-so-the-snow-never-melts driveway, the kids and I took off sledding.
It was a swarm of other kids/parents enjoying a day off in the new fallen cover of powder. But everyone was pretty good about taking turns and not plowing over anyone, for the most part.

Drue was admiring/eating a handful of snow at the bottom of the hill when another little girl crashed right into her. Then another group of little girls crashed into them. All us Mothers at the top of the hill held our breath until we saw them, one by one, begin to move all their appendages and start to emerge from the aftermath.
I am getting a kick out of Tate this year. He just seems like such a big boy. He's able to do everything by himself now. He pulls up his own little sled, positions himself just so and gives himself a scooting start. I saw his familiar little hat- covered head fly past me about a million times.

I rode down with Drue a couple times on her saucer. One time we had just reached the bottom of the hill and were trying to get out of the sled. Reese came barreling toward us in her saucer. My first instinct (which I feel guilty about) was to hurl myself from our sled out of her way. Thankfully, before doing so, I remembered that Drue was still sitting there trying to stand up. Which meant I couldn't abandon ship at that point. So I kind of put out a hand to try and slow Reese and put my other arm in front of Drue to soften the blow. And, whoooooosh...there went Tate flying past us. Oblivious to the close call that almost took out all the ladies in his family.

I'm letting my rear end thaw out as I type this. Snow days ROCK!
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reichleyja said...

I'm glad y'all had a great time sledding. It reminds me of when you and Joel and Paige loved sledding too when we lived at Ft. Leavenworth.Love, Mama

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