Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snack-O-Rama Central

Many of you know I abhor the kitchen and all things related to cooking, baking, meal prep, etc. I don't know why. My mom is a great cook and always had a well planned meal sitting on the table at 6pm sharp every night.

Here lately, I've had to research some fun snack ideas for treats to send with the kids for school parties/theme days.

Last Monday was Bird Day at Tate's preschool. And he happened to be in charge of the snack for the class. I immediately knew I'd be sending little nests but needed some ideas for how to make them. They are a peanut free school so peanut butter was out of the question. Found this easy recipe on line using shredded wheat and melted chocolate chips. They turned out kinda cute.
At the beginning of the school year, there is a sign up sheet for all the class parties. Since I was signing up for both the girls' parties this year, I just signed up for the same item for each of them. For the Halloween party, I brought drinks for both. Why did I think it would be just as easy to sign up for treats for their Winter parties?!? I was in the kitchen all the live long day decorating these puppies, er, snowmen & Rudolphs.


And last, but not least. Native American Day at preschool. These tepees I found on line have a cupcake baked into them. The instructions always look so easy in print. First I baked them right side up with the pointed in stuck in an upside down tin foil pie plate. They kept tipping over and sloshing batter all over my stove. I practically singed my eyebrows off holding the oven door open and sticking my hand in there to hold them upright. The next batch I baked upside down in a muffin pan. The expanding batter did inch up the cone but also ballooned out the bottom. So I had to shave them off once they cooled. It also took a careful hand to cut off the pointed end of the cone to stick the pretzels in. And at 10 o'clock at night, my patience had long gone to bed and all I wanted to do was hurl the little things out the window.
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In the end, the kids liked them, which is all that really matters. And the kitchen and I are becoming rather close.

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reichleyja said...

I loved reading this! I laughed a lot. I think your snacks were all very cute even if they were hard to make. I'm very proud of you!

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