Wednesday, March 07, 2007


My mom comes to our house and watches the kids twice a week while I'm at work. She ought to start a blog of her own with all the funny stories she has to tell about their days together. Yesterday morning when she came she said, "Well, I guess you were wondering what happened to Tate last Thursday."

I quickly thought back to that day but couldn't come up with anything out of the ordinary about the little fella. She proceeded to tell me that while she was putting Drue down for a nap, Reese and Tate were playing together in the living room. When she came back downstairs, they were huddled together by the window playing contentedly. She praised Reese for taking such good care of her baby brother and looking after him.

About that time, Tate turned his face to look at her which exposed a pen mark on his little face. "Reese, what happened to Tate's face?" my mom asked her. "I don't know," she stated rather convincingly.

A little while later when my mom was changing Tate's diaper she exclaimed, "REESE! Come told me a story earlier". Reese sheepishly headed over to see what all the fuss was about. And there it was....the incriminating evidence against my sneaky little 4 year old....a little rectangle...drawn in pen...on Tate's back.


Margo said...

They can be so convincing, can't they?! LOL

Donna said...

Kids!! LOL!

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