Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fits & Songs

Drue has a tendency shall I put this tactfully(?)...C-R-Y. A lot. Over anything and everything. Yes, she's a 2 year old and this is one way of expressing her frustrations, disappointments, disapproval, what have you. But it is just plain exhausting somedays. Rather than send her to her room each and every time her little floodgates burst open, I have been interspersing some more creative tactics to try and redirect her sad energy before she gets to the point of no return.

The other day I was trying to wipe her face with a wet wipe, which we refer to as "wipies". You would have thought I'd picked up the kind made of barbed wire the way she was carrying on about it. But before she went into an all out crying fit, I excitedly said, "Drue! Can you sing a song about wipies?" knowing full well that she would have to focus all her thoughts on making up the lyrics, as we all know there is no such song.

I saw her little wheels turning, and although she still wasn't completely keen on getting her face cleaned, her little sad voice sang, "The wipies on the bus go swish, swish, swish...."

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