Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Check Up Day

One of the exam rooms at our pediatrician's office is huge and has a wall of windows and plenty of room to roam around in. For some reason, which I have yet to figure out, they tend to give this room to the moms with one tiny baby secured in an infant carrier. And cram me and my brood into the linen closet sized room.

What is up with that?

Normally my kids act like crazy animals trapped in a cage while waiting for the doctor to come in. However, they usually turn to frozen silent statues as soon as Dr. Miller comes through the door.

Not today.

Tate chose today to look Dr. Miller straight in the eye as soon as he came through the door and say, "I do not want a shot."

Tate also chose today to inform Dr. Miller that Drue was wearing Tinkerbell underwear.

Tate then informed Dr. Miller (as we were going over Tate's growth chart) that, "I'm getting bigger."

And as I held the plastic cup under his boy parts to collect a specimen, he informed me, "My tee tee not coming."

And to think one of my concerns today was Tate's speech!

Oh and would you like to hear the professional medical advice and cure all for finger warts Dr. Miller gave us?


No joke.

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Alice said...

Duck tape does work like a charm on gets sticky but it will make them white and then they fall off or you can peel them right out! he he!

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