Sunday, July 05, 2009

Thru the Years

People are always telling me how big my kids are getting, how long the girls' hair is getting, etc. And I can see it, I really can. But I'm not going to wake up tomorrow and say, "Wow guys! You each must have grown an inch last night!".

In fact, I usually don't notice until the girls put on a nightgown that used to fall to the middle of their calves, and it's now above the knee. Or until Tate put on his dino jammie pants the other day, which instead of dragging the floor, are now capris!

So I thought it would be cool to post not only this year's 4th of July picture but a few previous years' as well. Just for comparison sake.


2008-I remember looking at this picture last year and realizing how long the girls' legs were getting! And Reese's face looked older to me as well.


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Reese loved the fireworks last night!

Tate clutched Boo Key tightly to his face in David's lap but managed to peek around it with one eye to see them. He also inquired as to who was shooting at us.

And Drue sat on my lap whimpering for half the show because she was afraid the fireworks were going to land on us. We had a spot away from the crowd...but directly under the fireworks! Midway through the show I asked her which one was her favorite and she said, "None!". She mellowed out a few minutes later and was able to timidly admit which one she liked the best.

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Amanda said...

Cute idea...sorry I am always saying how much they are growing! But see! They are getting so big!

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