Wednesday, July 08, 2009


We took the younger two out to eat while Reese was at basketball camp tonight. We shared a dessert of brownies and ice cream. Drue and Tate were so excited when it came to our table. They hurriedly began grabbing bites with their spoons. But in all their excitement, the bites weren't exactly making it to their mouths.

Tate dropped a big chunk of brownie on the table.

Drue's scoop of ice cream slipped off her spoon onto the table as well.

"Let's try and make it to our mouths", I reprimanded them...a split second before my own brownie bite plopped right into my lap.

Fast forward an hour or two.

I was at Old Navy getting some extra flip flops for the kids when I spied some school backpacks hanging up. I knew if I procrastinated like I normally do, the backpacks would disappear. So I brought the girls back a little later to each pick one out.

There were little matching lunchboxes and pencil cases and, we also discovered, water bottles! The nice stainless steel kind that won't get deformed if placed in the dishwasher.

As we were waiting in line, the girls each dropped their water bottle on the cement floor about 3 times. The loud echoing clatter was enough to make me want to hurl myself through the front store window.

Reese dropped hers one last time and I caught her little arm and hissed through clenched teeth..."Give. Me. Your. Water. Bottle. Now.".

When our turn approached to check out I was helping sling everything up onto the counter while I got my money out...then watched in horror as the water bottle slipped from my grasp...and fell in slow motion to the floor below.

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Amanda said...

Ha! Oh, THAT is funny! Hee hee! Isn't that sweet how the Lord always keeps us in our place?

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