Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Moment to Treasure

I was outside with the kids this morning while they splashed about in their blow up pool. It's large enough for all three of them to fit with plenty of room to spare when ol' mom wants to wade through and cool down.

I wanted it to be a fun-filled, carefree morning so I instructed the kids not to fight with each other and instructed Drue, especially, to tone down her eardrum shattering cry when a water droplet would accidentally make its' way to her face.

Reese and Tate played well together belly flopping their little selves into the foot deep water. Drue stood at the one end of the pool shrieking at them to stop splashing so much.

So she was banished to sit on her towel a couple times to watch in silence. After about the 3rd time of this, she wrapped her little towel around her and perched herself at the end of my chaise.

She befriended a firefly (whom I could only assume was a wee bit confused as to why it was sunny outside) and carried on a little conversation with me about bugs in general.

After a few minutes she stopped talking and studied me intently. She studied my face, then her gaze moved down to my swimsuit and I had no idea what she was looking at.

"What are you thinking about Drue?" I gently probed. Preparing myself for any one of numerous questions such as "Why do you have wrinkles on your face? Why is your tummy lumpy?" etc.

She simply answered, "I want to get all the people in the world together, and have them hold hands, and that would be how much I love you."


Alice said...

That is so funny. I chuckled out loud. Kids pretty amazing little people.

Amanda said...

Ahhh, that brought a tear to my eye! She is so adorable and to think of such an indepth thought all by herself!

Kristen said...

David says: She is my doll baby!!

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