Friday, October 02, 2009


After I snuggle Tate and tuck him in for the night I sometimes say, "Dream about dinosaurs".

Or "Dream about cars".

Or something else along the lines of his favorite things. Ok, so maybe having dinosaurs in your dreams is more indicative of a nightmare but he doesn't know about them eating people or tearing other animals apart so it's fine for now. Not a Jurassic Park type dream. More like Land Before Time.

The other night I said, "Dream about Mama".

"And Dada," he added.

"No. Just dream about Mama," I suggested.

"I'm going to dream about all of the people I got here," he decided.


lvz2flp said...

Yeah have him dream about "Land Before Time" a sad story of a young dino who looses his mother to a hungry meat eater and then gets separated from his grandparents and must find his way to the valley. YEAH! Good one!! :)

david said...

now I know I need to go in afterward and tell him to dream of dada

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