Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Hollaway Halloween


Here's our cat, green dinosaur, and Pippi Longstocking of course. Am I a wee bit sad that they don't let me dress them up as a cohesive theme? Sure, a bit. Is it fun to see their unique personalities shine through in what they pick to be themselves? Definitely! They all came up with their own costume ideas this year.

The girls and I have read two of the Pippi books so far and they have loved them! Reese won the costume contest for her age group when they trick or treated at my work earlier in the week. (Unfortunately, Drue was in that same age category so there were a few tears from her).

People mistaked Tate for a dragon, crocodile, and almost any other greenish amphibious or fictional character. When they would finally ask him which one he was he would say, "I'm a green dinosaur!". He really was excited about being in his costume...the face he's making in this picture is of him trying to act ferocious.

Of course, Drue is my most challenging child to dress up, heck, to just plain dress. I was so relieved when she wanted to be a black cat this year. No itchy costumes or ones with props that would feel kooky on her. We just went with a black, tagless, shirt (which still took her trying on 3 different ones to find the perfect fit). Oh, and the sleeves can't even fall just a little past her wrists or she will go into minor hysterics. Black leggings, which we already owned and she'd worn before so they were safe. I bought the ears and the tail in September so she could get used to how they felt on her before the big day. And viola, our precious little black kitty cat.
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Julie said...

I LOVED Pippi as a kid! And Trevor would love the dinosaur costume!

morgan said...

Hey!! Tell Reese that when I was in like 5th grade, I was Pippi, too! I wore the hanger in my hair and everything! haha And tell Drue I have those SAME ears & tail. Last year my mom wore them at the hospital :) She was a funny looking nurse that day!!! And tell Tate that I've never seen a more ferocious looking green dinosaur before! He definitely pulled it off! hahaha Miss you guys a lot! Hope to see you over Thanksgiving!

Amanda said...

Love you little crew! Nice job with the make up to, Kristen! Adorable, as always!

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