Wednesday, November 04, 2009



We have officially made it through the birthday hullabaloo that surrounds the girls' celebrations each Fall. With their birthdays being just 3 weeks apart, it gets kind of busy. Buying gifts for each of them, planning friend parties, planning family parties, cleaning, and decorating for each gathering. And this year, canceling friends/family parties for Reese due to illness and then trying to reschedule them back into our already seemingly packed Fall weekend agenda.

Don't misread this. I love, love, love everything that goes along with celebrating their special days but having that behind us now, and with having Halloween thrown in there also, we are sitting back and catching our breath for a moment.

The kids have fun figuring out who has the next birthday within our household and beginning to plan it. Knowing full well that his birthday is next in line in February, David asked the kids excitedly the other day, "Who has the next birthday coming up?".

Drue deflated his birthday balloon a bit when she answered, "Jesus!".

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