Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sugar Daddy

That man I married. *Sigh*

He riles the kids up right before bedtime when he should be evoking calm and relaxation.

He thinks Kool-aid is an approved breakfast drink. And never washes off their subsequent colored mustache before church.

And he pulls a stunt like the one he pulled this evening...

I was sitting on the fireplace when Drue came and plopped down beside me. She asked me a question and the unmistakable fruity smell of sugary something or other wafted out of her mouth.

"Drue, what did you just eat?" I asked accusingly.

Smart girl that she is, she didn't simply say "Candy".

She said, "Well, Daddy gave me some candy to eat."

The clock read 7:42pm. Ugh.

Rather than hoot and holler and try and pry the remaining bits of the offending substance from her mouth, I just sat there trying to decide how to respond.

"Daddy gave me some candy too," Reese added.

So I said teasingly, "But you reminded Daddy that you aren't supposed to be eating candy this close to bedtime right? And you know that the correct response to Daddy's offer would have been to say 'No thank you' right?".

Reese thought for a second before saying, "Ummmm...I'll have to get back to you on that one."

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lvz2flp said...

too funny. they are a hoot!

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