Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Doggone It

Reese's class has an "Estimation Jar".

It's a small plastic container with a lid that each child gets a turn to take home and fill with small items for the class to estimate. Whoever guesses correctly, or the closest, gets to bring it home next.

This week they were guessing the number of miniature marshmallows. Reese was so excited that she guessed correctly and got to bring it home.

"Mom! I guessed 70 marshmallows and know what?! There were 70 in there!".

So we started brainstorming about what she could put in the container. She suggested none other than Reese's Pieces! So cute.

We picked a few small bags up at the checkout counter when we went to Target last night. After we got home, I walked into the living room and saw pieces of blue and clear plastic in the middle of the floor. Upon closer inspection, I discovered a big plastic piece that had "Estimation Jar" written on it in marker. The beagles must have picked up the scent of the marshmallows!


The child is only in 1st grade and already has to tell her teacher that her dog ate her homework!

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