Monday, November 23, 2009

Remember When...

Drue amazes me with the things she remembers. She remembers people, places, situations, and word for word what people say, just to name a few examples.

Today on our way out the door to pick Reese up from school, I grabbed Drue a sweatshirt to put on. (By the way, I'm loving that it's the end of November and we are able to go outside in sweatshirts!)

I grabbed a rainbow striped fleece sweatshirt that hardly ever gets worn anymore but just happened to be the first thing I spotted on the closet shelf. She eyed it skeptically, as she does any article of clothing she isn't very familiar. Giving it the once over to ascertain if there is any part of it which will cause her discomfort.

But suddenly she smiled and her eyes filled with recognition.

"Ohhhhhh yeah....I remember that. That's what I was wearing that one day when I fell down and got blue stuff all over me."

I was at a loss about what she was talking about so I probed her further. And she elaborated.

"Yeah, I was wearing that sweatshirt and I fell in there (she pointed to our laundry room) in the blue stuff that was all over the floor and it got all over me. And you were in the basement working on the computer and so I went down there to tell you about it. Because you didn't have a computer up here yet so you had to go the basement."


Then it dawned on me what she was referring to. I had to search quite a ways back in my blog to find it. Do you remember? She was remembering the laundry detergent fiasco from March 2008!

Un. Be. Lieveable.

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