Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Pee or Not to Pee

Reese is having a "friends" birthday party on Friday night. So we have been getting a few R.S.V.P. phone calls from some moms of her little friends this evening. One phone call came in about 8pm.

"Is Reese still awake?" the mom asked.

I told her yes, adding that she was in the process of getting ready for bed, lest she think I was a lackadaisical mother who let her children stay up until all hours. (Yes, I worry about those types of things).

Well, her daughter was also awake (ha!) and wanted to talk to Reese and tell her herself that she would be able to come to her party.

Let me just insert here that watching Reese or Drue on the phone with one of their little friends is the cutest! She got a big smile and squealed with excitement while they were talking.

Meanwhile, I left her room and went to check on the other two who were in the bathroom together. Not a good combination. Too much can go awry. Tate was standing on the stool with his toothbrush, hopefully getting at least some toothpaste slopped onto his teeth.

And Drue was sitting on the potty. Nope,, no privacy in this household what-so-ever.

Going potty is just part of our bedtime routine as I'm sure it is in most households. But they still try to get out of it at times. Especially Drue for some reason.

"Time to go potty and brush your teeth," I'll say.

"I already went potty," she'll respond.

"Oh, when did you go potty?" I'll inquire.

"Remember? During dinner? And you had to watch my food so Molly wouldn't eat it?".

"Yeah, ok, well dinner was 3 hours ago so that most certainly does not count as your last potty of the day!".

When I went in the bathroom tonight she announced, "No pee is coming out."

Knowing I did not want to spend the wee hours of the morning or in the middle of the night changing sheets, pajamas, and hosing her down I warned, "Well, you better make some pee come out....". Then I turned on my heel and there was Reese, holding the cordless phone in the air saying, "Here, her mom's back on the line."

Where is a good hole to crawl in when I need it?

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