Sunday, October 18, 2009

Roll Baby Roll

So the kids are feeling better.


Gone are the fever induced stupors where they are content to lie on the couch under a blanket with me.

Again, very thankful they are on the mend.

Along with that, comes their slow integration back to fighting with each other and tattling on one another.

So late in the morning we pulled out the board games. To refocus their newfound (thank you Motrin) energy.

First board game? Yahtzee. Princess Yahtzee. There is just no hope for poor Tate in this household. I realized this as I was dividing up the pieces and asked him, "Which princess do you want to be?". And he leaned over and chose Snow White from the remaining choices.

My next purchase will be a manly version of Yahtzee with tools or cars or lawnmowers on the dice.

Tate really enjoys getting to play the big kid games with us. He was all smiles as his little hand shook up the dice and tossed them into the box lid we were using. He needed just a little help from Reese and I deciding on which ones to keep out and which ones to roll again.

On one roll as he peered into the box lid surveying the various princess faces he excitedly hollered, "Did I get a lot-zee?!".

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