Friday, October 02, 2009


Reese's school allows parents to come eat with their child at lunch if they so desire. There is a special "guest" table in the lunchroom and the child also gets to pick a friend to come eat at the table.

David took the day off on Monday for Drue's birthday, and since she was at preschool til 2pm, David and I decided to go surprise Reese for lunch along with Tate. We packed our lunch and waited patiently for her class to come down the hall. When we spotted her we all started waving wildly until she looked over and saw us.

I don't know what I was expecting her to do. What I didn't expect her to do was smile shyly at us and continue walking with her class straight into the lunchroom! We jumped up and followed her in there and seated ourselves at the guest table.

I couldn't help but laugh because more and more, I see snippets of my personality in her. That is totally something I would have done. "Oh, my family is here at school. That is strangely out of place. Now I'm nervous. So I will just continue on with what I normally do since I'm not sure how to react."

You can't mess with my routines. I get flustered. And feel out of sorts.

Reese was buying her lunch at school that day and finally made it through the line and back to our table with her lunch tray. She sat down and promptly raised her hand. It looked as if everything was fine with her tray, and I wasn't quite sure why she was raising her hand. So I asked her.

Her response? "I need help opening my milk."

Nevermind that both her parents were sitting right next to her, quite capable of opening a pint sized milk carton. Her routine is to raise her hand for the lunch aide to come do it.

Don't mess with that girl's routines.

Although I did reach out and snatch her milk up before the aide could make her way over...

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david said...

recess was fun too!

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