Saturday, September 08, 2007


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David has no eyebrows. OK, he has eyebrows but they are white blond so you can't see them unless you get right up close to him. He was playing around with my mascara in the car today (don't ask). Actually, I think he was just restless while we waited for our food, and since I wasn't playing peek-a-boo with him, he picked up my mascara and colored over his eyebrows.

I didn't like the look. It was kind of spooky. Tate kept looking at him strangely also. I quickly made him put his sunglasses back on when they came out to deliver our food. I much prefer his invisible eyebrow look.

Before he washed it off Reese said, "Mommy...Daddy doesn't look like a Daddy. He looks like a rock-n-roll star."


Margo said...

Those eyebrows do sort of look like a rock and roll star! It must be the black or something. LOL

David said...

I AM a Rock and Roll STAR!!

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