Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lesson in Osmosis

Each night during the girls' bedding down process (which has actually been going a lot more smoothly as of late) it becomes a mad dash to gather up which books each of them want to have in their bed to look at. The rule is: NO GETTING OUT OF YOUR BED after we read the story, have our little prayer time, and I kiss and tuck them in.

So if they each have a stash of books in their bed already, there is no reason to get back out again. For the past few nights I have been reading a bible story out of one of their picture bibles. We all three snuggle in Drue's bed (because it sits against a wall so it's easier to fit) and I read them their story.

Tonight before I started reading, Drue quickly swiped a book off her little shelf and carefully placed it under her pillow. I just figured she wanted to hide it from Reese so she could look at it all to herself. So I wasn't about to draw attention to it.

As she settled in next to me for our story she quietly explained, "I put a book under my pillow so I can dream for it tonight."

Sweet dreams little one...I hope they are filled with little furry animals scurrying into The Mitten...

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