Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gross, but Funny

Drue is a cuddlebug. I am loving it! Whenever I plop myself down on the couch or leather rocker in our living room, my lap isn't empty for long. (And I secretly like the fact that even if she is already sitting on her Daddy's lap, she will promptly come over to mine when it becomes available. SCORE!)

Tonight was no different. I ran a few errands after supper and when I came home and sat down on the couch...there she was. Scrambling up as fast as her little arms and legs could get her there. Reese sat next to us and we all shared a bowl of popcorn.

Shortly thereafter, there was a rumbling noise that escaped her little bum area. I think I ignored the first rumbling. But when it happened again, I brought it to her attention because our dainty little angels still need to be reminded from time to time to say, "Excuse me" after they let one rip.

"Quit tooting on me." I instructed her.

"I didn't."

"Yes, you did," I corrected her as yet another little rumble was heard and felt.

"Did my toot come out of my bottom?" she asked, looking downward with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes, it came out of your bottom," I replied, fanning the air around me with my hand. Reese was finding the whole scenario hilarious at this point and was giggling away while she fanned her little hand in the air also.

"Why did my toot come out of my bottom?" Drue inquired.

There are just some innocent questions that tickle me so much I can't possibly answer them seriously.

At this point, Drue started to slide off my lap. At first I felt bad because I thought she was embarrassed or I thought our guffaws may have hurt her feelings.

I collected myself and asked, "Where are you going?".

She stood in front of the couch and peered down into my lap, "I want to see my toot."

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Margo said...

That's too cute!! LOL

We call 'em toots too. ::snicker::

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