Saturday, September 01, 2007

Camp Out

For the long holiday weekend we set out on a camp out our backyard! (We felt more at ease knowing the chicken exit led straight to our own back door).

Actually, the girls really did great. When Tate is at a more unexasperating age, I think we'll all have a blast together. We're thinking maybe next wait, that will be the start of the terrible twos...perhaps the next...or the next.

The little fella did get to romp around in the tent for a bit before he was tucked snugly into his crib...inside the house.

The girls--finding a comfy spot to crash after they just spent the past half hour jumping up and down on the mattress. Oh yes, there was a mattress. Originally David was going to be the one sleeping out there with them. I had my doubts that arrangement was going to work. I headed out to check on them all one last time around 9pm and he claims the girls wanted me to stay instead of him. How could I say no to that?

Reese waiting patiently for the campfire to be ready to roast her marshmallows. Which you could barely tell even got roasted. She was just eager to get them into her mouth.

Drue - enjoying her creation.

It really was a lot of fun. No overly crazy or exhausting tales to blog about. (I know you're disappointed). David told 3 little ghost stories I found off the internet for kids. He gave each story a quick once over, then retold them all in his own way without even having to look back at the paper. He's a great storyteller. Maybe that's a man trait. Only he uses his trait for good, not evil.

The girls settled down quite a bit after David and I switched places and we soon drifted off to the sound of cicadas and crickets. Those things are loud. I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to fall asleep at first. We all started off sleeping in one direction and by morning we were all 3 going in different ones.

I kept waking up, tucking the girls in, because I was getting chilly. They tend to creep out of their blankets. Turns out, David slept on the couch in the living room in case he needed to be our knight in shining armor should a fox come around for a midnight snack. I was a teensy bit worried of that myself because we have seen them in our neighborhood on more than one occasion, and even saw one in our own backyard.
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