Wednesday, January 23, 2008


David had an all day meeting today that ended with dinner out. Since he was away we had tuna casserole for supper. Hip Hip Hooray! He can't stand even the smell of a hint of tuna, therefore we never get to have any tuna in the house. I chose peas as a side item (also a delicacy which David detests).

Of course Reese turned her nose up at both. I only placed a few spoonfuls of each on her plate, so I was expecting her to eat what was put in front of her. She put one tiny solitary pea in her mouth and her face automatically scrunched up in disgust. The pea slowly started to make it's way back out of her mouth, but was stopped by the evil queen who instructed her fair princess to SWALLOW IT DOWN!

By this time, I had already finished half my plate. "I loooove peas," I stated cheerily.

Reese responded, "I don't. God made us different. We like different things."

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