Monday, January 14, 2008

Tea Time

David and I have started a new "Sad, Mad, Glad" game with the kids we learned from a video series that is part of our current Sunday School curriculum. We each take turns telling each other something that made us "sad", "glad" and "mad" during the day.

This afternoon while the other two were napping, Reese and I had an Oreo Cookie Tea Party. Reese always likes to act so grown up during our tea parties, so after she finished the little story she'd been telling, she asked, "What should we talk about now?".

I started the "Sad, Mad, Glad" game with her. She has added in "Scared" to the list also. So she asked me, "Mommy, what made you scared today?". I like to come up with an answer to each question, so I said, "I was scared that when I took my shower this morning, Tate was going to get into trouble," then happily added, "But he didn't."

Reese pondered this for a second while she licked her cookie, then knowingly responded, "Wow...that's a surprise isn't it?!".

As we were finishing, Reese lamented the fact that naptime would be coming to a close soon. "It sure is nice and quiet, isn't it Mommy? Not crazy, like it will be when the kiddos wake up."

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