Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Sure The Message Got Through

After disciplining/punishing/reprimanding our brood, we always have a debriefing time, to make sure they know what behavior needed correcting, and why.

I have had it with the sassy mouths. Second only to whining, a sassy mouth sends me over the edge, so much so, that I want to dive headfirst through the glass fireplace screen.

Tonight at supper, Reese had a sassy mouth moment and got sent straight up to her room. A bit later I went up there for her debriefing. And here's how it went down.

Me: "Why did I send you to your room?"

Reese: "Because I had a sassy mouth."

Me: "Why is it not good to have a sassy mouth?"

Reese: "Because your mommy and daddy will put you in time out."

Me(trying my darndest to suppress a giggle): "Ummmm....."

Reese (excitedly interrupting): "No, wait! I know a good one....because that is being a blooper." (Blooper is a word used for ungrateful whiny children in one of our devotionals).

Me (prompting more): "And it's disre---..."

Reese: "...spectful."

Me: "Disrespectful to our...."

Reese: "Manners."


Reese: "Ohhhh yeah...parents...parents."

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