Monday, January 28, 2008

Ironies of my day

I'm not even sure of the correct plural form of "irony" or "ironic", but "ironies" will suffice for now.

#1. After dropping off Reese this morning the younger two and I headed to Lowe's. They will ride in a regular cart when necessary, however, they really prefer the ones with bucket seats that have straps coming over their shoulders. There was a whole row available when we got there. I plopped Tate in the first one and finagled his little arms through the straps while Drue climbed up on her side. As I scrounged around under Tate's patootie in search of the actual buckle, I discovered it was missing. So I untangled him from the straps and looked at the next one. No buckles. On down the line....NO BUCKLES! Finally, the last one in the row had 2 buckles per seat, so I started the process all over again. I situated Tate, then Drue. We were off. So why was it that the only cart with workable buckles, had the loudest squeaky wheel imaginable?! It sounded like a train whistle...all throughout the ENTIRE STORE!

#2. Last week our temps for the day were 7 degrees, 21 degress, and the like. So why on a beautiful 60 degree day like today are the winds blowing 112 miles per hour?! Enough to blow away my pint sized playmates so that we can't even get out and enjoy the weather. It blew Tate's hat right off his head in the school parking lot. How fun that was to chase after holding an amused toddler and commanding his sisters to STAY PUT lest they try and follow me.

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