Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drive me Crazy

I confess.

My comments to fellow drivers on the road are not always uplifting and encouraging. And at times my small impressionable children are with me on these occasions.

I have toned down quite a bit, however.

This morning on the way to take Drue to preschool, I pulled up behind a car that was literally driving in the middle of the road, almost, in fact, on the opposite side of the road. We hadn't even gotten out of the neighborhood yet.

I was kind of baffled. Was he meaning for me to go around him? Why else would he have left the whole entire right side of the street wide open?

But I stayed behind him.

We both pulled out onto the 4 lane road and he got in the left lane then proceeded to move at a snails pace into the right hand lane right in front of me and slowly turn right into the gas station. Ugh.

So I very calmly, very simply said, "Oh come need to learn how to drive people."

Tate's small voice from the backseat asked uncertainly, "Me?".

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reichleyja said...

I finally got to read your blog! I'm enjoying catching up on the ones I've missed. I love the pictures and the comments the children have made. Love,

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