Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!


David got to celebrate his birthday today by taking the girls to the Daddy Daughter Ball. This was Drue's first year to go and she (and Reese) were very excited! They even wanted to dress Tate up as a girl and sneak him into the Ball as well.

I don't know that I was quite ready for these little grown up dresses this year. The past two years Reese has picked out some adorable Cinderella type gowns. This year, with Drue's "sensitivities", those itchy gowns were not going to cut it. But this style felt fine on Drue, so both girls got it. Notice Drue's footless tights. It did take a few trips to find shoes that she would agree to.

Shopping for their dresses was a giggly event, to say the least. They giggled and giggled and giggled all through the store and in the dressing room. As they admired themselves in the mirror, Drue squealed, "We are going to be fancy friends!".

I kid you not, the only makeup the girls are wearing is CLEAR lip gloss. I know, I am completely jealous! And their hair took about 5 minutes to throw together...I just let their cascading curls do most of the work.
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