Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phone a Friend

Reese has gotten a few phone calls from her little friends just wanting to talk. This is a foreign concept to her. Call someone on the phone just to talk? You mean, they don't want anything in particular?

Last evening there was a message on our answering machine from one of her little friends saying, "I was just calling Reese to chit chat!". Thank goodness for caller i.d. as the little girl didn't identify who she was.

I let Reese call her back and talk for a few minutes. Reese's first question when she got on the phone was, "What do you want to chit chat about?".

As we sat down to dinner I asked her a little about her conversation. I didn't want to pry, just wanted to show I was interested.

I asked how her little friend was doing. I asked if she had been at school that day because the day before she had gone home with a stomachache.

Tate decided to join in the questioning as well.

"Is she in your class?", he inquired.

"Yes", Reese answered.

Then came the question I thought we wouldn't hear for quite a few more years from our little guy...."Is she pretty?".

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