Sunday, February 14, 2010


2005- It only took about 5-6 tries to get them both looking my direction. Little did I know, in the years to come (and with the addition of another child) how 5-6 tries would turn into 25-26 tries!

2006- One of my favorites!! This was around that time that I figured out they don't have to be looking straight into the camera for the shot to turn out cute! (I had to fix Drue's heart on the actual card I sent out so people could tell her heart was supposed to read "B Mine".)

2007- This was Tate's 1st professional photo shoot and we used this pose for some Valentine picture cards. Do not rub it in that he was 8 months old before we got his picture taken. Let's just reflect upon the cuteness of the picture.
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I did take a picture of them myself in 2007 around Valentine's Day. The girls had sweet little Valentine's sweaters and I was going to stick a tin foil hat on Tate to make him look like a Hershey's kiss, but the poor little fella was so sick that day and had a fever so I spared him the misery and just stuck a red shirt on him. You can see it here.

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