Thursday, February 18, 2010


What a satisfying declaration for a chronic procrastinator like myself to make! The. Blankets. Are. Finished.

Drue's has been finished for a few weeks now, I just hadn't taken any pictures of her with it until today. I still have mixed feelings at the print she picked out. Maybe because it's small things like this which serve as daily reminders that she is no longer my wide eyed little baby whom I slept with on a mattress on her floor for the first 10 months of her life? She passed up all the pink, little girly fabrics and went straight for this cheetah print. Really? Are we decorating your first apartment? On the other hand, I was kind of thrilled to see she did pick that print. It shows she is starting to have a little mind of her own instead of doing everything the way Reese does it.

Tate was so excited to pick out his material. It comes as no surprise that he picked (a) dinosaurs and (b) ORANGE! We bought his material a few weeks ago and it's been sitting in the dining room ever since calling out for some attention. Tate would even mention it every once in awhile and ask if anyone was going to make his blanket. So today I layed it out on the living room floor and snipped and tied. He was all smiles when he saw me working on it.

The girls both literally squealed with delight when I finished their blankets. And since he is even more excitable than they are, I couldn't wait to see his reaction. He and Drue were playing nicely upstairs together when I finished and I most certainly didn't want to interrupt that. So I draped it across the recliner as an element of surprise when he came back down. Of course, I was in the other room when he finally did come down. He went waltzing nonchalantly by me and I asked "Tate, did you see your blanket?", anticipating his gung ho response.

"Yeah," was all I got back. Men!

He did get more excited about it as the day went on. He couldn't wait to show Reese and David when they got home. And it's up on his bed as I type this.

Although it spent much of the afternoon as a napping spot for Mabel.

Love the classic look on Molly's face..."Explain to me again why you forever changed our peaceful lives by bringing not one, but three of these things home from the hospital?!".
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