Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Farm

Ahhhh....the Farm. We love the Farm. It's our free, close-to-home, kids-run-wild-and-tire-themselves-out, plus we-get-to-see-cool animals, outing from April-October each year. We made our first of many trips this morning.

Tate was udderly fascinated with his new little friend. (His friend doesn't look overly excited, however.)


The girls fed some little baby goats. How cheap am I? Reese remembered from last year to pick up all the dropped food off the ground, instead of having to pay a quarter for a tiny handful. Actually, it wasn't that I was cheap, I just always seemed to forget to grab a pocketful of quarters in my haste to get out of the house.


Fun with cowbells. Who knew?


Hmmmmm....I wonder if we could put real motors in these and I could have me some little lawn mowing buddies.

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Margo said...

What fun!

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