Monday, April 16, 2007

Put in my Place by 2 Little Tots

This past week especially, the girls have each made keen observations on my behavior/conversation. Not only have they all been true observations, they have all made me stop. And think. And realize a little more how their little brains operate.

A few days ago I posted how David came home to an exceptionally clean house. During my cleaning frenzy, Reese casually walked in to our bedroom and said. "Mommy. Who's coming?".

"What?", I asked rather distractedly.

"Who's coming to our house today?".

"Nobody. What do you mean?".

" have a candle going and the house looks really nice."

We made a trip to the grocery store during one of our cold, wet days last week. As I was buckling them all into their carseats with water dripping off my nose I exclaimed, "What a yucky day!".

Reese said, "No it isn't Mommy."

"Sweetheart, it is a yucky, rainy day."

She repeated, "No it isn't. God planned for it to rain so the flowers could grow."

After we made it home, I grabbed Tate and as many plastic bags filled with groceries as I could and headed up the stairs after the girls. They helpfully mentioned that I had left the door leading into the house from the garage opened.

"Well," I breathlessly answered. "I can't close the door because I don't have any hands!".

Drue didn't even skip a beat and in a reassuring tone answered, "Yes you do. Yes you do have hands Mommy."

Where would I be without them?

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Margo said...

They can make you think (among other things), can they not!?

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