Saturday, April 14, 2007

Snowy Saturday

When your backyard looks like this in can make for some very long days inside. Especially after having already enjoyed quite a few days in the 70s playing outside. During those warm days, we had our air conditioner serviced for the season. Turns out, it needed a new thingamajig so the guy has been out numerous times to try and get it working correctly. Glad we were so on top of that. Where would we be this week without it?!


We packed up the posse today and headed to the "Under the Sea" exhibit at Crown Center. Here are the boys headed through the seaweed


The girls riding a dolphin.


I guess Tate's a little young to really appreciate being this close to a million bazillion crayons. I'm sure he was just dissappointed that he couldn't break through the glass and eat them....

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We finished up our day at the Rainforest restaurant. There is a certain age that Reese was where this place scared her to death. Unfortunately, we couldn't quite remember what age that was. Thankfully, it turned out not to be any of their current ages, as they all enjoyed it immensely, fake thunderstorms and all. And they were too in awe of watching the gorillas, elephants, and leopards come alive to act up. You gotta love a restaurant where the other people at the tables surrounding yours don't bat an eye at your 2 year old screaming, "GORILLA! DADDY! MOMMY! GORILLA!".

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Margo said...

Snow!! Oh you poor souls! Well, atleast the rainforest expereince turned out to be a pleasant one. That sounds like a cool place to dine!

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